How do recruiters get the most out of Facebook job ads?

Anno 2021, Facebook job ads are the ultimate way to attract passive candidates. But, unfortunately, there is a downside to that award: Facebook Advertising can be just as overwhelming as effective. 🏅 That is why we have compiled these 5 vital tactics for recruiters to get the most out of Facebook Advertising!

1. Choose the right (campaign) objectives!

First things first, you should always define your objectives before launching any type of Facebook campaign. We generally recommend choosing the ‘Conversions’ objective. However, this best practice setting is probably not for you if you are expecting less than 50 applicants per ad. You won’t be maximising the algorithm’s potential under this objective if it harvests a lower scale of conversions. In that case, choose the ‘Traffic’ objective instead. Facebook will automatically optimise some settings in the underlying stages based on your objectives. If you can’t make head or tail of all this, give our whitepaper a read to discover the basics of recruiting via Facebook. 🐕

2. Target as accurately as possible!

One of the biggest advantages of recruiting via Facebook is that you can generate targeted ads and approach your vacancy’s target audience very specifically. Based on preset criteria like: 

  • location;
  • interests;
  • education;
  • the list goes on,

you can easily determine who will see your ads when scrolling through the feed. The golden rule is to be thoroughly aware of who you’re trying to attract with your ads. Discover more about different ways to target here. 🎯 Don’t forget: you need to indicate that you are using a Special Ad Category when you are using job ads on Facebook. The targeting options will be a little different too. No worries though, they will still harvest plenty of results!

3. Retarget website visitors!

You can explore the possibilities of custom audiences alongside demographic targeting. This ingenious option allows you to show ads to candidates that have previously visited your website or vacancy page. But watch out: to link your website visitors to Facebook users, you’ll need to install the Facebook Pixel first. Say what? 😲

4. Measure your progress!

“To measure is to know”, is the motto for everything to do with online marketing, including Facebook Advertising. That is why it is so important to keep setting the right metrics, so you can check if your ads are performing perfectly or poorly. So what do you want to measure exactly? The amount of people that have applied per ad, of course! And how do you measure this? You can set this up yourself via Facebook’s events, which offers you to identify any specific action as a conversion. You choose an action on your website that equals an application, like a click on the applicationbutton or completing an online application form. As soon as candidates have completed this action, Facebook will confirm a successful conversion. To measure your progress, you will have to set up some fundamentals first. There’s no way around it, you’ll need to get acquainted with the Facebook Pixel.


5. Test non-stop!

The overwhelming heap of data thrown at you as a result of your measuring efforts does not want to be left unused, of course. Do you want to know which ad headlines, copy, visuals, or call-to-actions work best for your target audience? If so, you’ll need to commit to A/B testing non-stop. With an A/B test, you research which version of your ads lead to the most conversions by sending them out onto the world wide web simultaneously. You’ll be able to see which version comes out on top afterwards. 🏆

Ready, set, go!

Right, you can now get to work with these 5 tactics for recruiters to get the most out of Facebook Advertising! Are you keen to start screening candidates via social media? Make sure to keep these 5 pitfalls in mind!

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